Fortunes Beginnings

Jacob read about the princess and it sort of stuck in his head. After a couple of days he decided to go find out what it was all about. This involved a journey over land and sea to get to the source of the tale. It would have so much easier if he had just googled it. Actually it was a really interesting journey he met call sorts of useful people, had a couple of run ins with vampires – and a werewolf.

Ah. Yes. The werewolf….

It all happened after dark and Jacob had had the brilliant idea of making another few miles on his journey. Making decisions on a belly full of ale is never the best of ideas. He set off through this dark and gloomy forest merrily making a little light dance in front of him to light his way. He never took much notice of the eyes watching him from the dark depths of the forest. He was absolutely
sure that he was, in the way of the young, invincible.

1 in the forest copy copy

He was idly wondering if he should port himself to the next village. Now even when under the affluence of incohol he realised that unless you knew your destination very well indeed – blind portering is not a good idea. You end up halfway through walls or worse, mountains. This can be very uncomfortable indeed life threatening – would it kill our hero? No that idea was firmly discarded.

He was therefore committed to walk a long way which was proving to be a little irksome. He really should have accepted the invitation of the Landlords daughter to spend the night in dalliance. However the landlords glare had persuaded him otherwise hence his decision to walk.

2 surprise attack

So there he was walking and dreaming along, when bam! he was hit hard from behind and he fell to the ground, his little light went out and he was struggling with something that was trying to smother him. He finally remembered a little magic that would temporarily increase his strength, spat the incantation out with a mouthful of skin and hair and threw his protagonist off. He then leapt onto the fallen body and recreated some light. By now there was a very strong smell of singed lavender around, he looked
down and saw……. a beautiful maiden. Now Jacob may be young, but he was not stupid and there was an overpowerful smell now.

This was no young maiden. This was magic. Now of what kind? Sorcerors or changlings? His natural inclination was to leap away and help the gentle maiden to her feet. But….. was this a maiden?

3 struggle

He looked deep into her eyes and sang a little persuation spell at her….. Oh sire she cooed, I am but a poor woodsmans daughter striken with an unfortunate affliction.
Still pinning her down hard he gently smiled again…. and what would that be sweetling?

4 a werewolff

When the moon is full sire, my blood stirs and I must run and run, and feed.

Well damn me thought Jacob she is a werewolf. So he increased his persuation spell…. it worked on dogs and puppies and was worth a try. He chucked her under the chin, fondled her ears and patted her back, all the time cooing ‘Who a good girl then? Hmm? Good good girl’….. he was tempted to throw a stick but decided that might be too much, so after a wee while making a fuss of her she had quite got past the desire to chew him up.

5 woodsmans daughter

And thats how he came to spend the rest of the night happily in the arms of a warm and loving puppy. I mean maiden.

6 lovely girl

The next day he remembered he was supposed to be making his fortune so whistling happily he set off again on his long walk to find the princess he had read about in the tabloids.


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